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SurvivingDisruptionPapersSurviving Disruption In The Workforce

We all face disruption in our place of work.

This White Paper outlines ways of identifying potential disruption and developing strategies to avoid the impact of disruption.

The Avoiding Disruption White Paper is featured in the Summer Newsletter of Change Guides LLC.

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changemanagementpocketguiderev 2The Change Management Pocket Guide

It’s hard for us to believe that we wrote the original Change Management Pocket Guide in 2005. Since then, thousands of people have bought and used our “little yellow book.” This handy toolkit includes over 30 change management tools that help you apply change management strategies and processes to your project. Kate Nelson, Stacy Aaron Authors of Change Management Pocket Guide.

In this book, follow along with the Change Management 101 Methodology™, a complete strategy for any change. From planning through best practice methods to make it stick; executives, division managers and consultants worldwide reference this guide daily. From the Change Readiness Audit to the Reward and Measurement template, The Change Management Pocket Guide Second Edition is a complete toolkit for designing and implementing your organizational change.

If you are familiar with the original guide, here’s where you’ll notice the differences:

  1. Added a Tool Selection Guide
  2. Added the Change Management Effort Assessment tool
  3. Added the People Impact Assessment tool
  4. Added the Communication Audit tool
  5. Added the Training Plan tool
  6. Replaced the HR Measures Form tool with the Post Implementation Scorecard
  7. Changed the name of the HR Measures Questionnaire and the One Minute Exchange
  8. Added some QR Codes so you can easily access our free Change Readiness Audit App or our website
  9. Moved the order of some of the tools

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by Kate Nelson and Stacy Aaron



TheEightConstantsofChangeThe Eight Constants of Change

What are the critical things to know in order to successfully manage change? You'll find the answer in The Eight Constants of Change. This easy-to-read book outlines the eight principles you'll encounter during any organizational change, and ways to work with and overcome change challenges to ensure your change succeeds. Some of the key change management topics found in this book include:

  • How to uncover and address resistance
  • What it takes to effectively communicate during change
  • People's experiences during transition
  • How culture impacts projects
  • The importance of stakeholder engagement
  • The Leader's role during change
  • How to reinforce and sustain change

Also included are tips, reminders and case studies. Armed with The Eight Constants of Change, leaders will have yet one more tool to help them more effectively and efficiently consult others and drive change.