Harvest the benefits!

Changing work habits may appear easy,
but making them stick is complex

Our goal at Willow Business Consulting is to address the high rate of project failures often experienced by all kinds of organisations. So we have invested in a powerful set of tools, processes and programs that could help you more effectively lower the business risk associated with introducing your new product, expanding an existing product or service or re-alignment.

The logical way to get the benefits of your new initiative is to introduce new work practices that support your targeted community. When you introduce a new IT project, functional change or re-alignment you are effectively taking a new product or service to market even though in some cases the stakeholders may be internal.

At Willow Consulting we believe that habit and imagination are more powerful human programs than willpower and logic.

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Willow Consulting delivers well-defined outcomes by improving communication and identifying and lowering stakeholder resistance to change.

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Our change management training delivers business benefits for every attendee through a better understanding of the strategies and tactics associated with managing change.

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Willow Consulting is committed to helping small to medium enterprise organizations' develop and implement an integrated marketing strategy that builds brand equity so that the directors are able to achieve their long-term objectives for the company.

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