Harvest the Benefits

Workers may have the willpower to bring about the benefits but they may choose not to use it.  Many organisations will embed the changed work practice into day-to-day activities and direct the team to follow the new practices.  Training or information sessions support this process by explaining how the new structure or functions are more efficient. This saves time and effort and helps the company or department become more competitive in the market.  The company empowers users to work differently by providing the tools, systems and structure as well as on-going support.  It seems logical therefore that the workers should show determination in bringing about the new benefits for the company.  It requires more than logic and willpower to realise the project benefits.

Surprisingly, recent figures show that almost 70% of IT projects involving work practice changes, fail to realise the benefits. This statistic might impact the original business case for the project, by not actually delivering the stated outcomes.  Directing people to work differently with a new product or service may appear easy but harvesting the benefits can be complex.

When it comes to managing expectations of the user community, the problem goes deeper than a failure to deliver the benefits.  Old work habits surface.  The ‘tarzans’ in the group swing back the other way and tell all, they knew it would never work in the first place.  Failing to deliver the stated outcomes of an initiative puts another layer in the brick wall you need to jump over the next time you want to engage the same community. Resistance to change in work practices can increase and the culture of the organisation often suffers.

When people visualise their role in a new working environment and are committed to making the necessary contribution, they more easily develop the habits to bring about a change in behavior.  Habits help internalise the new environment.  Imagination and habits change the way we describe our new work practice to ourselves as well as others.  If people buy-in to the new vision and create new habits around the ‘to-be’ state, the new environment will stick and the benefits will be harvested daily.  Willow Consulting can show you how to achieve this.

At Willow Consulting we believe that habit and imagination are more powerful human programs than willpower and logic.