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Change Management

Change Guides in Australia

Willow Consulting is a Change Guides Business Partner. We help organisations get people ready, willing and able to work in new ways. Change Guides principles and tools have been used by executives and employees in thousands of organisations around the world to implement change. Change Guides offers a broad range of products and services that help people learn and apply best practice organizational change management solutions. Change Guides products and services include books, templates, Change Management Certifications, One Day Best Practices Workshops, Online Instructor-Led Training, Online Training Programs, customised training, change management consulting, and more.

Successful Change Management is the discipline of driving business results by changing behaviours. Whether you are launching new information technology, applying an innovative work process or completing a merger transaction, effective Change Management is essential to success. Leaders and project teams must understand the human dynamics of change and prepare for the emotional response it can generate.

To achieve strong business results, we ultimately need people who are committed to success, motivated to get results, and who possess the knowledge and tools to get the job done. People naturally resist changes to their comfortable routine. New ideas and mindsets about how to work and an individual’s role within the organisation can create uncertainty and stress.

Many projects implement change management by making ‘contact’ with the user community and building ‘awareness’. While these two foundation steps are aimed at informing individuals about the project and creating some awareness about the basic scope and concepts of the project, they do not go far enough in addressing the change process. People follow a predictable set of stages as they build commitment to new ways of working.

Our challenge is to apply effective Change Management principles to anticipate and manage resistance and in so doing move individuals along the commitment curve from the basic awareness of the change through to the adoption and internalisation of the change. As the project moves closer to implementation, change management activities that target building understanding, desire, adoption and internalization are critical

The Change Guides Change Management method will accelerate the pace of change to achieve the following;

  • Timely business outcomes and financial returns
  • Address and mitigate risk
  • Improve decision making
  • Minimise the short-term dip in employee productivity that occurs within new projects
  • Increase long-term productivity